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Through careful scheduling and planning we can create an integrated installation that saves time and money for our clients, and eliminates the disruption caused by using multiple suppliers.

Who has access where, when, and for how long? This question is answered by our integrated solution to access control. Protect your buildings, premises or assets against unauthorized entry or access. This requires intelligent products that are integrated as components in systems and processes.

With us, you put into practice these innovative solutions that permit authorized persons unhindered access and in return uncompromisingly refuse access to unauthorized persons.

With the B-Net terminal series, we offer you a broad product portfolio including access control managers, terminals, readers, components and communication solutions in different versions.

The products of the B-web terminal series complement this portfolio if you want to use registration units and access managers that have a special security level (ARIOS security concept) for RFID applications.

Link your online access control components with the door components of the stand-alone access control to give a virtual network which is simple, secure, and low-cost. Make use of the benefits of biometrics with regard to high security, additional comfort and simple handling.

This offer is completed by mechanical and mechatronic locking systems, safety and automatic doors and personal interlocks. All products are compatible and can be intelligently combined with one another – in line with their intended solution.

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Vivid Solutions Limited is a security company headquartered in Arusha, Tanzania. We sell, install and maintain residential and commercial systems for security, fire, and medical…Read More

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